This is pathetic! The owner of the home located at 3405 N. Michigan in Carrollton Township in Michigan moved from the house in April and since then the dog, a pit bull, has been living there in solitary confinement. Yes, the owner does show up to feed and water the dog but aside from that the poor dog is confined with no companionship and neighbors are angry and concerned about the dog.

A neighbor who lives two houses down, Rose King, 55, with her daughter Rebecca, 10, and another neighbor, Samantha Burkey, 10, picketed the house yesterday to draw attention to the plight of the dog. They carried signs asking drivers to honk if you want to ‘save the dog.’

Sadly, Saginaw County Animal Care Center Director Mark Wachner said center staff members inspected the house about two months ago but could cite the owner only for not having a dog license, not animal cruelty since the dog appears to be well fed.

It’s sad that in today’s society with a growing animal awareness, all that is legally required is that an animal is fed. You would think that at least with the vile stench emanating from the residence that the home owner could be cited for something! Should an animal be force to live in such conditions? Is that not cruel?

“If you want a pet, you have to take responsibility and not let it live in its own filth,” Samantha Burkey said. “I think it’s just wrong.” She said that her family cannot even sit outside in their own backyard on breezy days because of the stench!

The dogs barks frequently and the stench from the house it overwhelming!

King says there’s a neighbor that lives across the street that sits on her porch and cries in frustration over the barking.

Wachner said that it’s not uncommon for people to leave animals to live in empty houses. “As long as it isn’t incurring any physical problems from neglect, there’s nothing we can do,” he said. “They come out and allegedly feed the dog every day.”

King worries even more as the summer temps rise into the 90s day after sweltering day. And she also worries about the dog’s state of mental health being in near isolation for months on end. “It bothers me,” she said. “It’s not the dog’s fault.”

Another resident who says he’s not bother by the barking says his bothered by the situation. “I think it’s inhumane. That’s no way for a living creature to be treated,” said Schaefer, 18, while walking his own dog.

Rose King’s husband, Robert, 65, says the poor dog needs some kind of hero’s intervention. I agree that someone needs to intervene in this situation and it’s just despicable that Animal Control can’t do anything about it!

Source – The Saginaw News

Maybe if enough people call Animal Control and complain, someone will take this seriously!

Saginaw County Animal Care Center
1312 Gratiot
Saginaw, MI 48602

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