A Tomah, WI, couple are facing some of the typical discrimination and hype that so many pitbull owners face countrywide.  On July 7, they received and order from the city of Tomah to removed their pitbulls from the city within 24 hours after complaints from neighbors about one of the couple’s exercising methods for their two pitbulls, “spring poling.”

Although this exercise method is often used to train fighting dogs, it is also a great form or fun, exercise and entertainment for pitties that are wonderful and loving family pets.  My next door neighbors have one of the most beautiful little pitties I have ever seen.  Damien is a little muscle-bound brindle ball of energy weighing all of 33-lbs.  The most dangerous thing about him is his tail which wags incessantly and with great vigor and you’ll know if you get slapped by it.  My neighbors have a tuggy rope hanging from their tree and Damien loves nothing more than to jump and grab that rope and twist and dangle and growl playfully.  He is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met!

This is one of the forms of exercise that Redell Allen and Natasha Scheitler use for their dogs that has gotten their neighbors in an uproar.

“The greatest concern that I have is the (spring pole) activity that they are involved in,” Tomah police Chief Wes Revels said. “That is what has the neighbors in an uproar.”

Last week the couple reached a compromise with city officials that will allow them to keep their dogs in the city, for now. They agreed to have the dogs temperament tested and will refrain from using the using the rope for exercise for the dogs.

Allen says that his dogs are well trained and not the least bit aggressive. The rope is there for them to use for play and exercise when the couple aren’t home.

“I love my dogs,” Allen said. “They are a part of my family. There are no scars on them. They are not fighting dogs. They are very socialized.”

This seems to be seconded by a member of the Tomah City Council who recently visited Redell Allen and Natasha Scheitler to meet the dogs and form an evaluation of her own.

“When I entered the house, the dogs didn’t even bark,” Pater said. “I petted them, and the first thing they did was lick my face.”

Wow, they really sound like vicious and dangerous dogs, they attacked her face with their sloppy kisses. And this is the kind of behavior you hear about most often from well loved and trained pitties that have responsible owners. People have got to stop giving into the hype and myth BS! Thousands and thousands of pitbulls have lost their lives and homes and families because of the BS of BSL, because of the media perpetuated myths and most of all, because of the reputation that irresponsible owners have given to this amazing “breed” of dog.

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