Dakota1Just short of two weeks ago a sad story came out of Kentucky.  The Smith family’s newborn infant, AJ, was taken from his crib by the family dog, a wolf-hybrid or  American Indian dog, Dakota.  The family found the baby, still in Dakota’s mouth, about 20 minutes after she took him, in a wooded area behind the house.

Sadly, the infant suffered terrible injuries but is recovering and I know we all pray the baby will be home with his famly, safe and sound, soon as possible.

In the meantime, there has been great controversy over what was going to happen to Dakota.  AJ’s father didn’t want her killed and from the start said that it was a tragic accident.  It’s pretty obvious to anyone that really knows anything about dogs, that Dakota did not mean harm to the child or the child would not have survived the incident.  There have been all kinds of theories flying around about why this happened, why Dakota took the baby but no one will really ever know because Dakota, being a dog, can’t tell us.

Wolf-hybrids are known to be very protective, she may have thought she was taking the baby somewhere safe.  She may have thought the child was a toy or doll.  She may have been jealous.  No one will ever know.

Pleas have come in for  days to save, to spare Dakota, because this was not her fault.  As sad and serious as this was, it was a terrible accident.  No matter how much we love our canine companions and treat them like family, a dog is still a dog with a dog’s natural instincts.  Children should never be left unattended around dogs.

For 11 days authorities have been monitoring and keeping and eye on Dakota and have determined that she is not dangerous or vicious.  It goes almost without say that the Smith family will not take her back.  Even though they want her spared, taking her back into their home is a bit much.  Authorities have said that Dakota may be allowed to be adopted within days and the family has a few places they are considering in Kentucky, including at least one refuge.

It sounds like this sad story will have a “happy ending,” that Aj will recover from his injuries and that Dakota will be spared and find a new hope.  As horrific as this is, it does reinforce that dog owners/parent must be diligent and responsible when it comes to children and dog’s interaction.  No matter how gentle or friendly a dog is, when it comes to spending time with childen, adults must supervise!!  Dogs are dogs and accidents can happen for reasons that we often cannot fathom.  For childens’ sake and for the sake of our canine companions, be responsible!

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