The New York City Housing Authority has jumped on the BSL bandwagon in a big way!  Starting May 1, 2009, if you live in the NYCHA housing projects you will be able to own only one dog as long as it’s not any of 27 different breeds of dogs they have listed as banned nor will you be able to own a dog that when an adult, will weigh over 25 pounds. This is down from the previous limit of 40 lbs.  Service dogs are exempt of the weight and breed restrictions.

Not only do you have the typical breeds that you see banned such as any breed that falls into the pitbull line, doberman and rottweiler, you also have breeds such as Boston terriers and Shar Peis.

The NYCHA says that this revised policy in is response to an increase in dog bite reports so they are banning any dog breeds they consider dangerous.

Yet another knee jerk reaction of blame the breed rather than the owner.

The ASPCA is against the ban and are doing whatever they can to stop it.  They are worried about already overcrowded shelters being swamped with more dogs because of this breed ban which goes into effect tomorrow.

Residents are being advised to follow the rules, to get their pets registered and then they have 90 days to make sure they are licensed.

You can read more about the revised pet policy on page 11 of the New York Housing Authority JournalHERE (PDF – right click and save to your computer).

And I’ve just gotta ask, do they actually think that the very people who should not have these types of dogs are going to worry about a breed ban anyway?  That’s one of the biggest problems with breed bans, responsible owners, for the most part, and innocent animals pay the price for knee jerk reactions and people’s stupidity!

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