rescued-puppiesI can’t imagine how anyone could take two tiny newborn puppies and tie them in a plastic bag and toss them in the trash but luckily for these two babies, someone heard their cries.

Earlier this week, Chery Legg and her family went to Windsor Lake for an outing when a sound from a nearby trashcan caught her attention.

“I started digging around in there. My first impression was, ‘Oh my gosh, there is a baby in the trash can.’ And as I started digging more it sounded like kittens,” Legg said. “I finally found a white plastic bag and opened it up to find two little puppies.”

The two tiny puppies, both females, one white and one dark brown are just days old. Their eyes were closed and one still had its umbilical cord attached. They were cold and Legg worried they wouldn’t survive. After making sure there was no other puppies, she rushed the tiny babies to a vet.

Amazingly, the little girls are surviving and eating. They are now being cared for by Animal Rescue Connection Inc., in Greeley because after even a few hours the Legg family started getting attached and they couldn’t keep the puppies. They were given names though before they went to the rescue. Legg’s 5-year-old son, Quinn, named them Pearl and Cupcake.

These very lucky puppies will now have a second chance at life. Once they are old enough they will be available for adoption but authorities and Legg want to know who could do such a cruel thing.

The Windsor Police Department is asking for help from the public in identifying the animals’ owner. Windsor Police Chief John Michaels said the owner could face misdemeanor animal cruelty charges.

“God just put us there (Monday). It was good for them (puppies), but kind of bittersweet to know there are people out there who can do that kind of thing,” Legg said. “There is a billion other places you can take them or spay or neuter your dog.”

Sadly, we here know far too much about the horrible and cruel thing that man and do to “man’s best friend” but we also know that there are people with hearts of gold who go out of their way, who give their time, effort and more, to help, to save, to rescue.

On Monday, Legg inadvertently, but luckily for those puppies who were doomed to death, became a rescue angel. Yes, God does work in his own ways and I am glad that on that day he was watching over those babies and sent someone to help them.

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