bossLeslie and James Woody, owners of Tennessee based Break The Chain Pit Bull Rescue, thought their background checks on potential adopters were strict enough to weed out any problems.

“We have home checks and vet checks,” said Leslie Woody.

“We do work history checks and background checks for domestic violence,” James Woody said.

All of these checks cleared a McMinn County man to adopt Boss, a 2-year-old, 40-lb pitbull. Everything seemed to be fine until Boss missed a couple of vet appointments. That’s when the Woodys got in touch with the man and found out things weren’t even close to be fine.

“He told us that Boss had an accident. We demanded to see him on Monday,” Leslie Woody said.

“When I saw him I was speechless,” James Woody said.

First came the lies.  The man said that Boss had gotten hurt but that he’d taken him to the vet.

“…that he was driving down the road and Boss did jump out of the window and then he took him to the vet,” said Leslie Woody.

Then the truth… he had tied Boss to the bumper of his truck and forgotten about him.

“He was tied to the back bumper of the truck. He was forgot about. He [the owner] got a phone call. He just backed over him and took off down the driveway and down the road,” said Leslie Woody.

It’s believed that Boss was dragged for over a mile and then the owner never took the injured dog to a vet. For 18 days Boss suffered from his injuries until the Woodys rushed him to Lenoir City Animal Clinic.

Boss is on antibiotics and will need surgery but is expected to recover. The Woodys say that their adoption process is going to get even more strict after this and they want Boss’ now former owner charged with animal cruelty.

The thing here is that sure, accidents do happen not that I or pretty much anyone I know would forget a dog tied to a bumper but the fact that he didn’t take Boss to the vet, that he just let the poor dog suffer, there’s no excuse!!  Yes, he certainly deserves to be charged with animal cruelty.  If this isn’t animal cruelty, someone explain to me what is?

My heart goes out to the Woodys, who work so hard for this much maligned breed, to find good homes and make every effort, then something like this happens.  And people wonder why adoption and rescue standards are so strict.  Its incidents like this that make those in rescues and shelters take the extra time and effort to make sure that their charges are placed in good, loving homes.  It’s the animals that matter, not hurting someone’s feelings or denying them a pet because they are deemed inappropriate.

I’m glad that Boss will recover and hopefully his next home will be the right one!

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