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This photo is not unknown to animal lovers and rescuers.  It captured the depressed and broken spirit of a suffering shelter dog.  It’s Nico, the 6-year-old Dogo Argentino who’s picture appeared on Facebook July 2009 that immediately went viral and caught the attention of animal rescuers.  He was malnourished, covered in sores, flea bitten, missing several teeth, covered with tumors, and deaf.

It was this photo, taken by Southern California animal rescuer Nikki Audet, that saved his life.  It caught the attention of Kelley Gibson, a rescuer and animal transporter in San Diego, where she quickly helped get him to the Hamilton County Humane Society in Indianapolis.

After three months of training and medical care, his tumors removed, Nico (now known as Nico SwanGarris) found a home in Indiana with two loving moms and settled into a pampered life of playtime, good food, snuggles on a couch, and…squeaky toys!

It’s amazing that this dog – so broken – got a chance at the good life.  There are many dogs in shelters that have their stories end right there – with a needle.   It’s the rescue story from heaven.

But now life just dealt Nico another challenge.  He has four different types of aggressive cancer.  He is currently on oral chemotherapy medication until his two moms can afford  highly expensive IV chemotherapy treatments at the Purdue Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Bridget and Melissa, Nico’s owners, are using holistic treatments including a special diet high in protein.  They’re optimistic, but battling cancer is tough and they’re taking it one day at a time.  They will do everything they can for Nico.

Here is the story of Nico narrated by Bridgett Swan.

It’s just not fair. He emerged from defeat to a safe and contented life only to be dealt another blow. Nico received a second chance at life. It’s not selfish to wish for that third chance. Not selfish at all.

Nico SwanGarris Facebook

There is a ChipIn for Nico’s chemotherapy. http://nicosfund.chipin.com/nicos-fund-3

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