A south Georgia man, Donald Tumor, is facing nine felony counts of animal cruelty after investigators made a horrendous discovery in his back yard.  They found a pen holding 9 dogs, 4 of them dead and the remaining 5 in such bad shape they will have to be euthanized.

“The animals we found dead, other dogs were in the pen living with the dead animals,” said Martha Ann Coe, Terrell Co. Code Enforcement Dir.

“Four dead animals were removed from one pen, and we have five more that were alive that were removed they were in such bad shape they will have to be euthanized,” said Lt. Gene Shattles, Dawson Police Department.

“The feces within the pen was approximately a foot deep you could not even get the doors on the kennels open because of the feces,” said Coe.

“One female dog that was in the pen she was 3/4 decayed and the puppies were still in form but they were deceased for a while,” said Shattles.

Tumor said he’d had the adult dogs for 2-4 years.

“When I asked him why it was like this he stated very calmly he had not been able to get outside for the past few days because of the rain,” said Coe.

“I asked him several times why he didn’t remove the animals or call for help and he said he just forgot about them,” said Shattles.

They also found two more dogs, an adult and puppy running loose on the property that were skittish and and very aggressive.

How does someone forget about 9 dogs who had to have been barking and crying and whining as they starved and suffered? Someone throw this POS in the same pen he had all those poor dogs locked up in and forget about him!!

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