Nitro’s Law originated from a case of horrid abuse in Youngstown four years ago. In October 2008, Mahoning County Animal Charity humane agents found seven dead and eight malnourished dogs in the backyard kennel area of High Caliber K-9 on Coitsville-Hubbard Road. HB 108 is named for one of the dogs who died, Nitro, a Rottweiler who was a beloved family companion. His owners joined with others in 2009 to form to work towards legislation that would make such a crime a felony. The man charged in the animals’ deaths, Steve Croley, received misdemeanor punishment of a paltry 4 months in jail and probation that no one checked on.

Passage of Nitro’s Law/HB 108 would bring Ohio in line with 43 other states that have a “first-offense” felony provision on their books for animal abuse and would create both meatier penalties and stronger deterrence value.
Nitro’s Law HB108 is about to expire again because the OHIO STATE SENATE PRESIDENT Thomas Niehaus won’t move the bill to the floor for a vote and THE OHIO STATE SENATORS AREN’T PUSHING HIM TO DO SO. IF YOU AREN’T OUTRAGED, YOU ARE MOST DEFINITELY NOT PAYING ATTENTION! There is no reason for any Senator to act now if they don’t hear from you!! EXPECT MORE, DEMAND MORE OF YOUR OHIO STATE SENATOR! They work for you, you pay their salary. Don’t allow them to forget it! ACT NOW!

OHIO RESIDENTS: PLEASE CALL to pass Nitro’s Law HB 108. The bill would make certain egregious forms of animal cruelty a felony. Right now in Ohio animal abuse in any form is only a misdemeanor. This means no jail time, often no fines, and nothing on the records for future employers. HB 108 can change that. This bill passed the OH House and all Committees in the House. It has also passed committees in the Senate and has now been stuck because Senator Niehaus, head of the Rules and Reference Committee is purposely stalling the bill.

If you are a Resident of OHIO, Please call ALL the Senators on this committee (or as many as you can) and tell them to SUPPORT HB 108 and move the bill HB 108 Nitro’s Law to the Senate Floor for a vote. Tell them to Urge Senator Niehaus to move the bill. If HB 108 is moved to the Senate Floor for a full vote, it will pass!

Take Action NOW!
1) CALL YOUR Ohio Senator – ask for their support and that they push for a Vote on HB108
2) Contact Senate President Niehaus – STRONGLY ENCOURAGE him to move HB108 to the floor for a Vote.
614-466-8082 email
3) Call Governor Kasich and ask HOW, after all the calls, emails and letters, can Senate President Niehaus hold up Nitro’s Law HB108!!!?

Governor John Kasich
Riffe Center, 30th Floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43215-6117
Phone: (614) 466-3555

Senate Rules and Reference Committee – Please call all now!
Senators Niehaus – (614) 466-8082
Faber – (614) 466-7584
Waggoner – (614) 466-8060
Jones – (614) 466-9737
Widener – (614) 466-3780
Patton – (614) 466-8056
Turner – (614) 466-4583
Oelslager – (614) 466-0626
Kearny -(614) 466-5980
Brown – (614) 466-5204
Schiavoni – (614) 466-8285

Special thanks to Nitro Foundation for this info – you can fin them on Facebook or the Web
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