Dana JonesWhat a damn shame that laws are not sufficient to charge someone with animal cruelty or neglect after their dog is almost cut in half after they leave a harness on it and it grows out of it.

Dana Jones will be getting off scott-free after Bartholomew County prosecutor Bill Nash has decline to file charges because he says there is no law on the books to cover this specific case of neglect.

“No reasonable person would say this is not neglect that resulted in these particular injuries,” said Nash. “There is nothing in this statute that would allow me to charge someone with neglect to animal by placing a harness on the dog when it was young and then not loosening it when it grew, there’s nothing that would allow that.”

“So we can’t file a charge that we certainly would have, have there not been a change in the law,” said Nash.

Due to the too specific language in the current law, changed in 2007, he could not press charges.

Puppy Almost Cut in Half The puppy, named Benjamin by Johnson County animal control workers, was supposed found wandering near Edinburgh in Johnson County, Indiana on August 5th.

Dana Jones brought the puppy into the shelter claiming that she found the puppy but investigation turned up the fact the she was the owner of the puppy.

She placed a harness on the puppy when he was smaller and never adjusted or removed it as he grew.

“His condition was pretty serious. He had a very deep gash circling his abdomen,” said Animal Control Officer Mike Delp in Johnson County. “The harness dug into the animal as the animal grew larger.”

Now the only charge Jones will be facing is that of lying to the police.

Luckily Benjamin is recovering from his ordeal and because Jones surrendered him at least he won’t have to face going back!

Laws need to be changed and it needs to happen ASAP! This poor dog suffered and suffered greatly and his abuser is going to walk away. There’s no excuse for either the abuse/neglect or the fact that nothing can be done about it!


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