SuttlesMy friends, you remember Robert Suttles of Somerset, KY, the monster who brutally tortured his dog, Bowser by poisoning him with antifreeze, letting him suffer for days laying in the yard then kicked the dog to death and burned his body?  We all fought so hard, emails, calls, letters, a petition, to have the charges upgraded from a misdemeanor to a felony and now it looks like all our hard work, and all of Bowser’s suffering and pain may be for naught!

Some disturbing news has come to my attention! It seems the trial date has been set for Monday, November 2 and no one, witnesses, advocates, etc., were ever notified. There’s concern that although the sheriff’s office was supposed to send an investigator out to the scene to collect evidence, it may have never been done. And now that Suttles was released on bail over 3 weeks ago, something that no one was notified about either, any evidence could have easily been removed.

There also word that the Suttle’s lawyer, a Mr. Cox, will go before Judge Lawless (Hon. Jeffrey Scott Lawless), and use the defense that there was never even a dog and request that the charges be downgraded or dismissed altogether!

Calls to the Sheriff’s department have not been returned, the main source for information has been getting the runaround and misinformation from the DA, Dan Thompson and it’s beginning to look like people want this to just go away or be swept under the carpet.

The witness who has been threatened and harassed is, needless to say, upset and worried for her safety.

“Our Local court system and all its employees involved in investigating, and prosecuting this case have failed us , and I believe on purpose. I can find no other reason for such blat-en disregard for Justice and upholding our state laws. complete incompetence all around, how did these people ever get into office, hmm , I wonder.” says a source close to the investigation.

We Must Take Action NOW!!
There is no time to lose! We must contact the Sheriff and the DA and ask what’s going on with the case and put a little pressure on to make sure they haven’t dropped the ball. Bowser was brutally tortured and killed, the witness harassed and threatened and this monster may walk free!!

Sheriff Todd Wood
Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department
P.O. Box 752
Somerset, KY 42502
Phone: (606) 678-5145
Fax (606) 679-3119

Dan Thompson
County Attorney’s office
PO Box 5
Somerset, KY 42502-0005
Phone at: (606) 679-4449 or (606) 679-4440

Call! Email! NOW, TODAY!! There is no time to lose!

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