Nicole Spatig I don’t know why I am even surprised any more!  Nicole Spatig, 22, formerly of Beaver County, PA, the heartless bitch who let her German Shepherd, Mya, starved to death locked in a cage, was sentenced to one year of probation! Whoop-de-do!

When Mya was found by the landlord, her teeth and snout wrapped around the bars of the cage as if she was trying to chew her way out, she’d already been dead for several weeks.  There were also 4 cats left in the apartment as well.

“The officers, when they went in they found garbage and trash, half eaten food all over the place … a lot of different packages that were ripped open by the cats,” said Chief Daniel Madgar, of the Beaver Police Department. “There were four cats in the residence; litter box piled about two and a half feet with feces. They found a dog in a wire cage, had been dead for quite some time.”

“It basically starved to death. Its muzzle and teeth were intertwined with the cage. Its muzzle and teeth were broken. Its lips and everything was just attached to the cage. The dog, as it was in there, trying to bite its way out several times. Finally, as it was dying was trying bite its way out of this cage,” said Madgar.

Although she claimed she was sick and her boyfriend was supposed to be taking care of the dog, she said she didn’t know the dog was dead, oddly enough, all the windows in the apartment were found open and it was the middle of winter. Hmmmm……

She was originally charged with 10 misdemeanor counts animal abuse but guess Beaver County doesn’t think much of animals because one year probation hardly even qualifies as a slap on the wrist! She pleaded no contest to one charge, guess the rest were dropped, and she even whined about the harassment she’s received and the threats. Awww…. poor baby!

The Beaver police called it one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they’d ever seen. I can’t imagine they were too pleased about the sentence this waste of life received.

Beaver Police Chief Dan Madgar said of the sentence, “The police department did its job, and it was up to the court to make a determination (on Spatig’s punishment), and we have to live with it.”

Make you wonder what good it does for the police to do their job when the court system just pats them on the head, basically says, “do better next time” and sends them on their way.  Even when there are laws in place they’re ignored and overlooked when it comes to sentencing.  Why do we fight so hard to get tougher laws on the books when they do no good?  This stupid POS cruelly starved a dog, left her to suffer for an untold amount of time and she had the audacity to whine because people are pissed at her!!  Maybe she should try living in a cage without food and see how it feels, maybe she could understand why people are so angry.

NO JUSTICE…. again!

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