Jane Dog In a crime that literally galvanized the world, 5 young boys, aged 9-14, poured gas on a dog and set it on fire, leaving it to die a cruel and painful death.

Although this horrendous and senseless crime took place in Nashville, TN, pleas came from all over the world, begging that these boys would be sentenced to the maximum punishment for this crime. Sadly, the maximum they could have received was placement in Tennessee Department of Children’s Services custody and not jail time or a record and they didn’t even received that!

This poor abused dog, died, alone and nameless in an alley after being doused with gasoline. These boys get to go back home and sleep in their beds and plot their next crimes.

In court Tuesday, the boys learned they will not face any jail time, but they will be required to go through counseling and evaluations as well as regular check ups with a probation officer although two of the boys have a hearing in May, which could determine whether they’ll have to go into state custody.

Watch the video for the rest of the story. I’m so angry, yet again, that I can’t even finish. I do wish though that we could at least know the names of the vicious little monsters so that we could keep an eye on the front page of the news in the next few years because there’s no doubt in my mind that most, if not all of them, will be back in the system for more vicious and violent crimes!


I repeat, it’s beyond sad that it takes the horrendous and shocking death of an innocent dog to open the world’s eyes to the demoralization of our youth and the need for much stronger laws against crimes of this nature, even for so called ‘children’! These are the ‘children’ that will be populating our prisons in the years to come for violent crimes!

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