Update 10/8/09 – Baron Returns to Miles Thomas!

This Thursday, October 8, Miles Thomas and the Harrisburg Humane Society go back to court.   There was no settlement on the custody of Baron.

Both sides notified U.S. District Judge John E. Jones that they failed to reach any agreement.

miles_thomas_2Andrew Ostrowski, attorney for Miles Thomas stated that he had offered to drop all claims for monetary damages and attorney’s fees if the Humane Society agreed to return the collie to Thomas under a joint custody arrangement with Thom Lewis, who runs a collie rescue service in Silver Spring Twp.   He also offered to have Thomas issue a joint statement with the Humane Society to help reduce public criticism of the HHS over this case.

The Harrisburg Humane Society wants Thomas to give Baron up for adoption – lock, stock, and barrel.  No conditions.

Miles Thomas has a lot of support behind him.  He has a rescue organization willing to take joint custody of Baron.  He also has an anonymous benefactor willing to provide money for food and veterinary care – for the rest of Baron’s life.    So what the hell is with these clowns over at the Harrisburg Humane Society?  The people in charge over there want the organization ruined.  They care for nothing except their own ego.

Well ruin it they did.   It doesn’t matter what the outcome is now.  The Harrisburg Humane Society dug their grave and buried themselves.    They are six feet under by their own arrogance.

The Judge is not going to be too pleased to hear this case in court.  He was expecting an out of court agreement and now he will have to make the decision after hearing testimony.  We can only hope it’s the right one.  Reunite Baron with Miles Thomas.


I think no one can say that this is not just some kind of a power play game for HHS now.  They have been offered every condition possible to ensure Baron’s care and safety for the rest of the dog’s life yet they would rather keep him locked up in the shelter, away from his companion, Miles Thomas, just because they can.  There is no way they can justify their actions.

My friends, it looks like it’s time again to have our voices heard!  Please take seom time today and every day for the rest of the week until the hearing, to contact the HHS and let them know what you think of their power play games and tactics!

Humane Society of Harrisburg Area
7790 Grayson Road
Harrisburg, PA 17111
Phone: (717) 564-3320
Fax: (717) 564-1867

Amy Kaunas
Executive Director
email – amyk@humanesocietyhbg.org

See all the background on Miles Thomas and Baron;

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