BelleThis is Belle,a 1 1/2 yr old Staffordshire terrier-lab mix that Elizabeth Allison found tied to her porch om Monday at her home in East Patchogue, Long Island, NY.

The dog had been badly neglected; mites caused sores on her back and ears; and her paws, raw and purulent, were swollen four times the normal size. Fur was missing from her neck, back and belly.

“I don’t know who brought her there, she was just dropped off in my front yard,” Allison said. “I felt so bad for her, and I wanted to help her.”

Allison, 45, brought Belle to the Town of Brookhaven Animal Shelter, where the dog is being treated for mite infestation, or demodectic mange, and a secondary infection from scratching. She still has crusty sores all over her body and shies away from strangers.

Belle is receiving daily antibiotics and anti-parasitic medication, said Dr. Stuart Sobol, who works at the shelter. She’ll recover in two to four months, he said.

She’s staying in an isolated cage until the mites are treated, a volunteer said.

Dina Pasciuta, a licensed veterinary technician who also works at the shelter, believes Belle was neglected for several months.

“Because she had demodex for so long, the skin is thickened and scarred and her hair may not grow back again,” Pasciuta said.

Aanyone with information about the owner can call the shelter at 631-286-4940.

“I would love for the owners to have charges pressed against them,” Pasciuta said. “This is obvious neglect and cruelty against animals.” (Newsday)

So, do you know this poor girl? If you know her or have any information, please make the phone call. Don’t let whoever did this to this sweet innocent dog get away with these cruelties! Who knows who the next victim may be?

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