Well, it passed 6-1, Omaha’s Dangerous Ordinance. It’s aim is a tough crack down on irresponsible dog owners, which I have no problem with at all. What I do have a problem with is that even though it does not ban pitbulls, it does very specifically target them and as I’ve said before, BSL is still BSL is still BS!

You can see a breakdown of the ordinance HERE… the good, the bad and the BS… L.

As least they did modify the pitbull muzzling requirement to a degree. If the dog passes the Good Canine Citizen test, rather than having to be muzzled, they will only have to wear a vest in public. Kinda makes me think of a time in history when certain people had to be ‘marked’ to identify to everyone what ‘breed’ they were…. but I’m not going to go there…

As with any breed specific legislation, the problem is almost never responsible dog owners. They care for their dogs, they train them, they socialize them. It’s the irresponsible dog owners who are the problem and they just are not going to do the right thing no matter how many laws, legalities and ordinances are passed.

Omaha Dangerous Dog Ordinance

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