Here we go.  We have a loser, a failure, and a dead dog. 

The loser is Matt England.   In Lowell, North Carolina, his two dogs escaped a yard, he drags them down the road, he beats them, and he assaults a person who tried to intervene. 

The dead dog is his Pit bull named Smokey.  He died after being dragged and beaten.

The failure is the Gaston County Animal Control Officers.  After seeing England’s other dog (Scarface) bloody but still alive, they determined the dog did NOT need medical treatment and allowed the dog to remain at England’s home.

Witness report that England’s treatment of his dogs was cruel, and there were several frantic 911 calls about the incident.  Two calls reported that it looked like England was killing the dogs by the side of the road.  One person who helped England get his dogs home said he slammed both dogs to the ground.  Even a police officer reported the cruelty.  The officer reported that the dog was “being choked” when he arrived.  That dog was Scarface.  He was hanging by a rope over a porch rail which caused him to be suspended in the air. 

And nobody took this dog away.   What are you waiting for Gaston County Animal Control?  For England to finish the job? 

Matt England has serious anger issues and it’s clear that he is not going rein himself in anytime soon.  You can check out his Myspace and Facebook account.  He’s obviously keeping them public waiting for someone to knock the chip off his shoulder.  Most *losers* we profile here take their accounts down.  Not this one.  He’s ready and raring to go. 

England is charged with two counts of animal cruelty. He also faces a charge of assault on a female for allegedly hitting a woman who tried to intervene.  Nice.


There is an online petition available asking that Scarface be removed from Matt England’s home before there are two dead dogs. 

You can also contact Reggie Horton, Director of Gaston County Animal at 704-922-8677 and express your concern about Scarface remaing at an abusive household. 

And while we are at it, let’s share our concerns with the prosecutors in this case. The Honorable R. Locke Bell will be prosecuting case #2010055095 (assault of a female) and #2010055096 (cruelty to animals). The address is:  Gaston County Courthouse, 325 North Marietta Street, Ste 2003, Gastonia, NC 28052

The loser needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  The failure needs to have their butts kicked. Scarface needs to be taken away to a safe place.

We don’t need to read about another dead dog.

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