Braydon Charles Jerve On the 4th of July, two 21 year old Mankato/Litchfield men, Alex Curtis Krause and Braydon Charles Jerve, brutally killed Krause’s girlfriend’s dog, a little Pomeranian. They staked the dog out in the yard by its leash, shot it with an arrow, beat it over the head with a log then dumped its dead body in the trash.

They were both charges with felony animal cruelty. Now one of the two, Braydon Charles Jerve, got himself a deal. Pleading guilty to animal cruelty, the charge was dropped from a felony to a misdemeanor. Supposedly, he just beat the dog over its head to end its suffering after Krause’s arrow didn’t kill it. Likely story! Oh, I’m sure he beat the little dog over the head to kill but doubt there was any ‘end its suffering’ kindness there, he just wanted to kill the dog.

So these two pieces of trash torture and kill a dog together, one puts a little spin on the story and will wound up with the usual ‘wrist slap’ sentence no doubt.

Another fine hour for our judicial system! Or maybe in-justice system would be more like it.

Two misdemeanor marijuana drug paraphernalia possession charges from a July 11th arrest were also dropped in conjunction with the plea deal. And all he had to do was sign a statement against his friend, Alex Curtis Krause, who will be on trial in December for the felony animal cruelty charge.

Answering questions from District Court Judge Norbert Smith, Jerve said he and Krause went to Ziegler’s Lake Crystal house on July 3. Krause told Jerve that Ziegler’s father, Tony Ziegler, had talked about getting rid of the pet Pomeranian.

Jerve testified Krause took the leashed dog and staked the leash in the ground. Then Krause used Tony Ziegler’s bow and arrow to shoot the dog once. The arrow went through the dog but didn’t immediately kill it, so it was “yipping,” he said.

“I hit it over the head once to put it out of its misery,” Jerve said. (Mankato Free Press)

Pretty self-serving, don’t ya think?? Piece of trash! Guess that’s how the criminals do it though, give up your buddy and get a break. He should get a break alright and I’m not even going to suggest where…

Maybe if this is really what it will take to get Krause convicted and if, big if there, he actually gets a decent sentence, it might be worth it, but then we all have seen the kind of sentences these bastards get…

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