RomeoLast week UPS driver, Dan Vincent, was on his usual run, delivering packages in the Waterbury, CT area when he came across something he’d never seen before and I’m sure, never hopes to see again.  At first he wasn’t even sure what it was but taking the time to look a little closer he found a tiny little dog, a chihuahua, tied with a shoestring to a sewage grate.

The little guy was in pretty rough shape and could have been in much worse shape if Dan hadn’t taken the time to stop and rescue him.  Dan took him to the first place he could think of, HOPE Clinic, who took the little dog in and pretty quickly stole hearts.

With some care and TLC, is wasn’t long before he was doing a bit better but he still has a ways to go and will always be a bit of a special needs dog.  Because of his penchant for stealing hearts, he’s been named Romeo.

Once Romeo is recovered, he’ll be up for adoption to someone as special as he is because he’ll need a bit of extra care.

Thanks Dan for taking the time to care! There’s not enough good Samaritans out there and it’s always nice to be able to share the story about someone who goes the extra distance.  Good luck Romeo, I’m sure you’ll be stealing more hearts before long and have a wonderful home to call your own!!

Be nice to know who abandoned this poor baby to such a cruel fate, like to see that they get what they deserve too!

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