Kevin Collins Twenty year old Kevin Collins of Orlando got angry at his pit bull after it killed his little chihuahua, which is understandable. Anyone would be upset or angry. But fortunately not just anyone would hook the dog to the back of their SUV and drag it down a dirt road until it was dead, then just dump its body on the side of the road and leave it. This is exactly what Kevin Collins did this past Thursday!

Unfortunately for Collins, a woman driving along County Road 775 North saw him dragging the dog and just dump it. She took down his plate number and called the police.

Tracked down at his parents’ house, police said Collins told them the pit bull killed one of his Chihuahua dogs and he shot the dog. Then, still angry at the pit bull, Collins hooked the dog’s leash to his vehicle and drove down the road, police said he admitted. He was arrested by Steuben police and charged with felony animal cruelty.

Already on probation for a charge of minor in possession of alcohol, Collins was in lock-up in the Steuben County jail on $10,000 bail as of Friday. If convicted, he could face a sentence of six months to 3 years.

The case is still being investigated and a vet will be examining the body of the dragged dog. Steuben police said the few cases of animal cruelty they see are usually neglect rather than something like this, the intentional cruelty and death that was inflicted on this poor animal.

I can understand being angry if these were my dogs and one killed the other, but to viciously and callously torture the dog to death, it’s just horrific!! And who knows the whole story why the pit bull killed the chihuahua? Regardless, this was an act of supreme inhumanity!

Source – Journal Gazette, WANE-TV

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