Otis1Well Otis‘ fate has been decided and it’s definitely not as bad as it could have been.  In a deal with the City of Lakewood, Daniel Kier agreed to remove Otis from the city in exchange for dropping the “vicious dog” charge.  So about 1 pm this afternoon Otis will be sprung and will stay with a friend until Daniel can move to a new home where he can Otis with him.

Yes, it’s BS but the bottom line is Otis will be safe and away from Lakewood, Daniel won’t have to worry about it anymore.  I wouldn’t take the chance with my babies either.  Sure, it would be great to stand up for the principal of it but not when a life that is precious hangs in the balance.

In the long run, yeah, Daniel did the right thing, probably the only thing that would ensure the safety of Otis.  He still has to answer to the “dog running loose” charge but that’s small bean compared.

And although this whole sorry situation has shown a bright hot spotlight on the city of Lakewood, you can bet nothing will happen, there will be no changes.  It’s sad.  The officer who showed such distain and outright cruelty will continue to work the streets, theACO will continue to do his “job” if you can call it that and life will go on in the same questionable manner.   All I can say is God help dog owners in Lakewood!!

So right now I am happy and thankful, doing the “happy dance” that Otis will be safe!  Sometimes you have to be happy for the small tings and just hope that Karma takes care of everything else!  🙂

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