beth-hall Beth Hall of Calhoun County, FL is facing a felony animal cruelty charge and 89 misdemeanor animal cruelty charges after a rescue answered a call last week about a horse in poor condition.  Authorities and animal control were called in after the rescue found that a sick horse was just a small part of the problem existing at the property; there were horses, goats and cages and cages of dogs.

A total of 89 dogs; Chihuahuas, 5 horses and 16 goats were found on the property .  Many of the tiny dogs were caged outside while yet more were found inside the tiny dilapidated one-bedroom house.  Inside, the stench was overpowering, urine and feces covering surfaces, cages stacked anywhere there was room.

hall-chihuahuas“The conditions were horrible,” BCAC Director Jim Crosby said. “The puppies were fed, but the place is caked in feces and urine. She had too many animals for one person to reasonably care for. This is a high-volume, substandard commercial breeder, aka, a puppy mill.”

Crosby will petition for custody of the animals and the ones that are healthy enough will be able to be adopted. Hall will be in court today and it’s possible she will be facing more charges.

This is not the first time Hall has faced charges but Calhoun County Sheriff David Tatum said that thing have never been this bad before. He believes that Hall just got overwhelmed and was dealing with health problems.

“In all likelihood, when she started this, she was in good shape, good mobility, and as she got older, her health deteriorated and so did the conditions,” he said.

There were also bones and skulls found on the property that authorities are going to be taking a closer look at. Some of them look like they may have bullet holes in them.

It’s terrible enough when someone allows innocent and defenseless animal to live in conditions like this and thank God these animal have been rescued, but what I never understand is how a person can live like this! When you look at the video you see a scene that is just sad; dirty, gross, the smell must be unimaginable. The animals have no choice but a person does. How does one choose to live like this?

There is no doubt this woman needs some serious help, especially since she doesn’t even see that there was a problem at all. Sad…. just sad and pathetic!

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