Arrested yesterday was Kimberly Nizato, 26, in the near starving death of Courage.  After receiving an anonymous tip, animal control authorities found that Kimberly Nizato works part-time as a veterinarian technician for Southern California Veterinary Referral Group in Irvine.  Kimberly Nizato went with her father to Southeast Area Animal Control Authority to complete a request for paperwork on her dog (named Bosco) and was arrested after questioning.

A veterinary technician.  Baffled?  So are a lot of people, especially her employer.  

It caught her employer by complete surprise.  She was a good employee, never late, never calling in sick, and her work was above and beyond.  They didn’t even know she owned a dog.  So why in God’s name was this veterinary technician letting her dog starve. Well, they asked her that. 

She just said it was a big misunderstanding. 

It’s a misunderstanding?  This dog was on deaths doorstep and it’s all a misunderstanding?  

Look at this dog.  You know what kind of shape this “misunderstanding” was in?  While Courage was in the hospital, a GSROC volunteer was asked “Why are you sitting on the floor with a dead dog?”   That’s one hell of a misunderstanding Ms. Nizato.  During which part of your employment orientation did you fall asleep? 

Kimberly Nizato has been suspended but is still on the payroll.  Her employer is worried about her being able to care for her young child.  You read that right, she is a mother. 

Courage was rescued from a locked carrier in Nizato’s garage, a home she shares with her parents.   It appears the dog was moved at some point from Nizato’s back yard to her garage.  He had dirt, rocks and hair in his stomach, a sign the shepherd had scrounged for anything he could while wasting away.

So what the hell do her parents have to say about this.  They blind?  That’s two other people who knew this dog was starving.  They both should be charged as well.

Nizato was booked on charges of felony animal cruelty and she is being held on $20,000 bail.  The Animal Control Authority has asked that it be increased to $50,000 and Nizato will be arraigned early next week.  That means she spends the weekend in jail.

Courage has gained 5-6 pounds since he was rescued and continues to improve. Only time will tell whether the dog’s organs recover enough to sustain him.  He’s been discharged from the hospital and is recovering in a foster home. 

Here is a shot of Nizato from her public myspace.  All I have to say is she looks well fed.

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