Miracle, abandoned after falling out of vehicle

UPDATE – 6/30/080 – Please see the update below!

Who could be so cruel to just leave their dog after it jumped or fell out of their vehicle, just abandon it to death on a busy interstate?? Would have to be some pretty cruel and heartless ‘people’ if I can even call them that!

This is just what happened to this sweet little border collie this past Sunday. She was in a horse trailer as her Canadian owners traveled along Interstate 71near Grove City in Ohio and she either jumped or fell out.

“The first car that stopped to check on the dog, found the owner’s name and cell number on the dog’s tag,” Wendy Brill said. “But when they called, the owners told them they had no plans to come back for the dog.”

Choking back tears, Wendy said, “She was in a horse trailer and they saw her jump from the horse trailer and just kept going.”

The Brill family wasted no time in taking care of ‘Miracle’ as the dog has been named and they will adopt her and give her the loving home she should have had in the first place.

Miracle is now at the VCA Mill Run Animal Hospital where she is being treated from her numerous injuries.

“She suffered a dislocated hip, a shattered hind knee cap may need to be replaced,” said Wendy. “She was also treated for gashes on the top of her head, a gash by her eye. It a lot of what they call road rash.”

“When I was holding her on the side of the road she was licking me, she is just a really gentle dog,” said Wendy of her new family member.

The good Samaritans are facing thousands of dollars in medical bills for their new furry family member but already they say she is well worth it as Wendy cuddles and soothes Miracle. She’s still stunned and shocked at how cruel and callous her owners were in just abandoning her to die on the road but Miracle has nothing to worry about now.

“I cannot imagine someone just leaving, knowing that they saw the dog jump. To leave it for dead on the side of road, I cannot imagine that there are people out there like that,” she said.

Thank God for people like Wendy Brill and family!! I seriously think the people who just left Miracle should be prosecuted and like Wendy, although I hear too many stories like this, I am just stunned people could be so cruel!!

UPDATE – 6/30/08

I got a lovely email from Wendy Brill this morning and I wanted to share with you all. So many of you were touched by this story and Wendy was kind enough to give me an update;

Thank you for running our story of our little “Miracle”. I believe I will be
calling her Bella, which means beautiful in Italian.

She under went just another surgery on Saturday, due to her hip not staying in
place after being popped back twice. She is doing good and being just as loving
as before! She will be transported today to their other facility for laser
treatments to help the inflammation on her leg as well as get her started on her
water therapy sessions.

We hope to bring her home at the end of this week.

I asked Wendy to keep me updated if she has time and hope to hear from her soon. It certainly seems like Bella, as her name will soon be, is in wonderfully loving hands.

I also asked Wendy if a report was made or if any charges will be filed against Bella’s previous owners and it looks like they are going to get away with this, although not for lack of trying on Wendy’s part. Here is her response;

I did contact the Highway Patrol and there is really nothing than can do. I just pray that they will get their “just reward” one of these days!!

See with her being registered in Canada, they have very strict privacy laws. They will not release any information on the dog, if I am not the registered owner. One of the agencies was contacted in Canada, which then in turn contacted the “owners, if you will” through their Vet she was registered with. Long story short, the owners contacted the Vet that Bella is at, after most of her surgeries had taken place, she wanted to euthanize her. Luckily, we have a wonderful vet on our side and stated we want not do that. They forfeited their rights once they left her and did not come back for her on the highway. The scary thing is, Bella had two puppies … maybe 3 months old that these people have in their possession. I do not believe these people deserve to have any animals, but I pray they treat them better.

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