ZeusZeus’ time is running out and his family is appealing to Florida’s Governor, Charlie Crist, to save their beloved pet.

It has been more than two months since Ana and Gilbert Otero last saw their German shepherd Zeus.

Zeus has been in the custody of Sarasota County officials since the 2-year-old dog attacked a Verizon repairman outside the Otero’s Nokomis home on March 22.

The repairman, William Flick, says he was bitten in several spots and suffered nerve damage in one of his elbows.

After the incident, a judge ordered that Zeus be put down this Friday. Now with time and appeals running out the Oteros are calling on the governor for help.

“People on death row, murderers get a reprieve I assume you call it, from a death sentence, why not Zeus?” asked Ana Otero.

The Oteros are also making a public appeal to Flick to help them save their dog, adding if Zeus is saved, they’ll be happy to turn him over to a trainer.

“He’ll leave the state. We’re willing to give him up as long as he can live. That’s all I’m asking,” Ana Otero said. (The News Press)

A spokesperson for Verizon told Tampa Bay’s 10 News on Tuesday neither Verizon nor Mr. Flick was advocating that Zeus be destroyed. But he added they are not telling Sarasota County what to do either. (TampsBays10)

No one is denying that Zeus bit Flick. When Flick told Mr. Otero that he needed to get inside the house, Mr. Otero said he wanted to put Zeus away but Flick demurred saying that he liked dogs and then the door was opened. Zeus jumped up on the repairman in the entryway and it seems that possibly Flick may have been intimidated by the dog and began to flail his arms precipitating the attack.

Take a moment to read the original story then tell me what you think. This is not the usual ‘cut and dried’ dog bites man story.

All the Oteros are doing is asking for a chance for Zeus, the same chance that many dogs have gotten.

Do I think that Flick should have let Otero put the dog away? Yes. Do I think that Otero should have overridden Flick and just put Zeus away? Yes. Do I think that Zeus should be killed without being given a chance? NO!


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