John Joseph Miller Jr., 32, a Lake Anna State Park, PA, chief ranger, shot his pet dog and dumped the dog’s body in Lake Anna. He may have actually gotten away with this cruel crime if not for his own stupidity. Miller was obviously so proud of himself that he bragged about his shooting of the dog on his MySpace page.

Spotsylvania County’s director of animal control, William Tydings, said his department began investigating Miller in January after they discovered the post on Myspace. The shepherd mix’s body was recovered from the lake and Miller was arrested and charged with animal cruelty and dumping trash illegally.

On April 11, Miller was found guilty of the charges and ordered to pay $250 for each of his April convictions, but was not sentenced to any jail time since sadly, both charges were only misdemeanors.

His penalty for the cruel killing is pathetic but he may be facing another penalty, the loss of his cushy state job. Miller, who had been working for about a year at the park, is now under administrative review by the state park, but he is still an employee, said Doug Graham, park manager.

Miller, whose job was two-fold – maintaining upkeep throughout the park as well as enforcing conservation laws – is working only in the first of those capacities while his job is under review, Graham said.

The park manager said Miller’s position was being discussed in a meeting yesterday, but because it was considered a personnel matter, Graham would not provide more details about the review.

He said administrative review is the park’s procedure for employees who are convicted of criminal behavior, but he said this is the first time he knew of that a dog had been shot and dumped in the lake. (Free-Lance Star)

It’s beyond sad that someone can basically get away with a crime like this, especially someone who is supposed to be in a position of some type of law enforcement.  I certainly don’t see a $500 fine as much of a penalty for the cruel killing of a living creature, a pet that was his responsibilty and who no doubt trusted him.

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