abdul-macintyreI don’t know if any of you are American Idol fan or not but this story caught my attention, it’s really sweet.  This season one of the contestants on Idol was Scott MacIntyre who was visually impaired.  He got the boot about 5 weeks ago but his Idol status really help to raise the awareness of the visually challenged and how something like that is not a deterrent to success.  It was really quite heartwarming and from what I saw, Scott is a really sweet guy too.

Well, Paula Abdul played a “trick” on Scott and told him he was going to be singing, instead she surprised him with the incredible gift of a guide dog.  He got to check out a few of the pooches there but won’t be training with his until after the AI tour.  Then he’ll have a 28 day training after he’s matched with just the right dog.

“We have to find a dog that really likes loud music,” joked Paula.

Abdul, along with Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods, Petco and independent pet stores, have teamed up to raise money and awareness of guide dogs. May is National Guide Dog Month.

Last month Paula also handed along seven guide dogs to blind US vets at a guide dog graduation ceremony at the Guide Dogs of the Desert facility in Palm Springs, California where she took the time to learn a bit about what it is like to be visually impaired. Blindfolded, she went through the training course just to learn a little of the reliance the blind have on their incredible furry companions.

Abdul said, “The independence and mobility that a guide dog can bring a blind person is immeasurable. Seeing how vital these dogs are, and learning how much time and energy goes into training just one, is awe-inspiring.”

It always nice when someone high profile comes out and does something like this, brings attention to something that most of us don’t think about.  I have a special place in my heart for service dogs and working dogs, true heroes all!

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