This weekend in FL, a woman witnessed horrible cruelty when she saw a man tie a small Pekinese to the back of his vehicle then proceed to drag the dog for over half a mile down the road.  The little female dog has grievous injuries and is not expected to survive.

The director of the Bay County Animal Shelter, Jim Crosby, thinks that this may have been a vendetta against the owner of the dog and wants to find out who owns the dog so that they can know what happened to their little dog.

Authorities are investigating and if they find out who did this, they will be charged with felony animal cruelty.

Crosby says, “We’re working with the Bay County sheriff’s office on trying to identify the diver of the vehicle and if we can identify him we fully intend on charging him with felony animal cruelty.”

This took place near Campflowers and Creek Roads, if you know the person who may own this dog or have any more information, please call the Bay County Animal Control at 850-767-3333.

Y’know, it takes a really big, tough man to tie a tiny little defenseless dog to a car and drag it along a road! What a bastard! It’s bad enough when you hear about incidents like this happening accidentally but to intentionally inflict such pain and suffering, to torture an innocent animal like this, someone is seriously sick!

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