UPDATE 4/8/09 – Puppy Killer Arrested

Update 4/5/09 – Search on for Man Charged with Killing Puppy in Oven

When Alex Rouse returned home on November 23, instead of a happy puppy welcome, she was greeted by a house full of smoke and a horror she could not have imagined.  Someone had broken into her home and put her 5-month-old Pekingese/poodle puppy, Hulk, in the oven and turned it on.

Green Bay police have collected DNA samples from an unnamed 31-year-old man who they believe was the heartless monster who did it.  The man is the ex-boyfriend of Alex Rouse.

He was angry at her because of a recent break-up and wanted to get back at her.  He also told friends that he hated the puppy because he was allergic to it.

In an interview at the end of January he told police that he was at Rouse’s home about an hour before she returned home to find the dog.  He also told at least two friends, who verified the story, about going to the house and and putting the dog in the oven.

Green Bay Assistant Police Chief Tom Molitor said the case remains under investigation. Detectives are waiting for test results from the State Crime Lab, Molitor said.

While nothing will bring back Alex Rouse’s puppy, at least identifying and prosecuting the scum who viciously killed the defenseless little dog will bring some closure to her life.  You never want to hear the horror stories, the terrible things that man does to innocents but when the culprit is never found, there is never even the chance of justice.  Hopefully now there will be some measure of justice for Alex Rouse and Hulk.

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