Bitsy and ChessSummer Ann Roberson, 29, Sanford, NC, is now facing 6 charges in the death of two dogs in her care. Three misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty and three misdemeanor charges of abandonment of animals.

The charges stem from last month when Kathrine Alford hired Roberson, a registered and certified vet tech, on the recommendation of her vet, to care for Alford’s dogs while she and her husband went on vacation.Bitsy

ChessTwo days into their vacation they get a frantic call from Roberson say that their two little rat terriers, Bitsy and Chess, were dead and had been killed by one of their other dogs, Ramsey, a black lab.

They rush home to find that the three dogs had been locked up in a 4×5 bathroom without food or water for an extended period of time, possibly 20 hours or more. Roberson claims that they were in a bathroom but for only an hour.

The bodies of their beloved little Bitsy and Chess were in sad shape. Chess may have actually been partially eaten and Bitsy was wounded and allowed to bleed to death curled up in the corner of the bathroom.

Needless to say, the Alfords were devastated and angry and Roberson was no where to be found! She immediately got a lawyer and refused to speak with the Alfords.

The Alfords have been working diligently to see justice done for their babies.  They have even set up a website – Justice for Bitsy and Chess – where you can read all the accounts and see more photos.  Be warned, some of the photos are rather graphic in nature.

There is a great deal more surrounding this story then I have elaborated on but you can get all the details at their site and I do most sincerely hope that everything comes out in court and Justice for Bitsy and Chess is achieved!

Roberson’s original court date of September 11 has been continue to September 25.

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