shannon-andersonShannon Anderson, owner of Pet’s Delight in Covina, CA, got an eye opening experience when Last Chance for Animals told her where her puppies were coming from. She thought she was making sure that she wasn’t selling puppy mill puppies and when she found out she most likely was, she decided to make a major change, no more puppy mill puppies!

Anderson’s store is now one of several shops that will now only offer puppies from shelters and rescues and she’s very happy about her decision.

“Shannon has jumped into this head-first,” said Rene Ruston of LCA. “Her eyes are open to the horrors of puppy mills and she has embraced change with her full being.”

Now if only more pet shops would see the light, or care, there could be major changes nation wide and the death rate of shelter animals would drop dramatically! An added benefit would be that slowly but surely, as demand for puppy mill puppies dropped, more and more puppy mills would close down! Education is the key. So many people still do not have a clue but this is definitely a start and a good one at that.

Cesar Millan and Last Chance for Animals have teamed up to help spread the word.

“I would love to go to these people at these puppy mills and show them what we see,” Millan said. “Because they don’t see it because they are in it.”

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