McKinnon's Yorkie, 3 yr old, 5 lb, PreciousDog theft is on the rise, all you need to do is check out the news. Small dogs, especially, are big business and big money. Thieves are targeting these dogs and pet owners are suffering.

Here are two stories of stolen pets, both Yorkies, one from Florida and one from Texas and some tips on protecting your pet.

Thieves Bypass Valuables, Steal Dog

One Florida couple, the McKinnons, who had been victims of home invasion previously, had their home broken into and the thieves bypassed jewelry, electronics but not their dog. Precious, a 3 year-old, 5 lb Yorkie was stolen and the couple are heartbroken.

“It’s just very sad that someone would do this to you,” said the dog’s owner, Ken McKinnon. “I don’t know what to do.”

“She’s as cute as can be,” McKinnon’s wife, Marie McKinnon said. “I don’t know if (they took her) because they couldn’t get anything else.”

Since the theft on Tuesday, they worry whether Precious will be properly taken care of. They’ve put up fliers, a video on YouTube and registered at petfinder websites.

“We’ve been sitting here for two days just weeping and crying and not eating — I don’t sleep,” Marie McKinnon said.

“We love her, you know?” Marie McKinnon said. “I just want them to bring her back. She’ll never mean to them what she means to us.”

Call 352-227-9272 or contact Marie McKinnon at with any information about Precious.

Dallas Couple Searches For Stolen Dog

And another couple, this time in Texas, also heartbroken, over the theft of their little Yorkie, Kona who disappeared during a rash of thefts in their apartment complex.

Rewards are being offered in both cases and we can only hope these furry little family members find their way home.

Dog theft usually occurs for one of two reasons; The thieves have seen the dog and want it as their own pet, or they want to sell it.

Pet owners can make their animals less attractive to would-be dog-nappers by implanting them with microchips, which will be detected at veterinarians’ offices and animal shelters, and by spaying or neutering them. Sometimes thieves steal an unaltered dog with hopes of setting up a low-level puppy mill.

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