puppy mill dogIt shouldn’t come as any surprise that the Petland chain of petstore sells puppies from puppy mills.  Pretty much anyone who knows anything knows that the largest majority of puppies in petstores do come from puppy mills.  Sure, owners and employees can say they come from USDA licenses breeders but unfortunately the two are not mutually exclusive.

Sadly, many puppy mills carry a USDA license, so sure, they may come from USDA licensed kennels but that doesn’t mean they are not puppy mills.

So it’s great that the HSUS came out with this report on their eight month investigation into the Petland chain of petstores.  Their investigation involved 21 different stores in numerous states as well as breeders and brokers. Investigators also reviewed interstate import records of an additional 322 breeders, USDA reports and more than 17,000 individual puppies linked to Petland stores.

puppy mill“They are buying from puppy mills where these dogs are not treated like pets,” Michael Markarian, an executive vice president with the Humane Society, told a news conference. “They’re treated like a cash crop, where mother dogs live in wire cages, sometimes stacked on top of each other in filthy, dirty, cramped conditions, where they receive little socialization or human interaction or exercise.”

America’s largest chain of puppy-selling pet stores, Petland Inc., is also the nation’s largest retail supporter of puppy mills. Our national, eight-month investigation shows that Petland stores in multiple states are marketing dogs from cruel puppy mills to unsuspecting dog buyers. The investigation into Petland stores in Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio and other states revealed that many of the puppies sold at these stores came from massive commercial breeders in Missouri and other states in the Midwest where hundreds of breeding dogs are packed into filthy, crowded cages.

Most of the puppies bred at puppy mills are eventually sold over the Internet or through pet stores, including many Petlands in the U.S. The unseen victims are the mother dogs who are forced to live their entire lives behind bars – without exercise, without socialization, without ever being part of a family or even seeing the outside of their cages.

The HSUS asks that you ‘take action’ and make it very easy for you to do so – Take Action!

After initially refraining from comment, Elizabeth Kunzelman, Petland’s director of marketing and communications said, “Reports such as those posted on the HSUS Website surface every year around the holiday season in conjunction with their annual fund-raising efforts. Unfortunately, we were not interviewed or consulted, nor were we a part of any of the editing process.”

“We get our puppies from USDA licensed facilities and hobby breeders as well, but we’ve established humane guidelines that we’ve developed in conjunction with the USDA. We do not and we never supported any substandard breeding facilities, never. The number one priority for all of us is the healthy living for the puppies in our care. It always has been. It always will be.”

You can read more details from HSUS’ press release HERE as well as watch a video.

Petland can deny, deny, deny all they want but these allegation are absolutely nothing new. Anyone who actually buys into their line of rhetoric is just closing their eyes to reality and the horrors of puppy mills.

So help to get the word out to anyone who actually still does not know about puppy mills and Petland! Share this, email it, let people know!!

Also take the time to read Interview with a Former Petland Employee – it is definitely enlightening!

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