Dog CrueltyWhen a law official says that this is the worse case of cruelty he has ever seen and that it literally made him sick, you know it’s bad!

Just look at the picture! Unbelievable!!

They’re amazed the the poor dog is even still alive. And they’re determined that the person responsible for this is going to pay for it too!

We often hear in the media of Pitbulls attacking people; however, in this case the Pitbull is the victim.

Pontotoc County Sheriff, Pete Peterson, says this is the absolute worst case of animal cruelty he has ever seen. Sheriff Peterson says the site of the abused dog literally made him sick to his stomach.

Sheriff’s officials say Tuesday they responded to a call from a resident in Ada’s Country Hills Trailer Park about a dog they believe hadn’t been fed for days. When deputies arrived on the scene they say they saw the Pitbull with a bicycle chain tightly wrapped around his neck, he was covered in maggots and bones were sticking out of the animal’s body.

Deputies took the dog to a local veterinarian for help.

Sheriff Peterson, says, “I’ve seen pictures before in thirty years that I’ve been in this business of animal cruelty, but this just takes the cookie, if you would. I’ve never seen anything this bad and for this animal to still be alive.”

When deputies asked the dog’s caretaker how long it has been since he had been fed, she told them two days.

Sheriff Peterson says this type of behavior towards an animal is a felony and will not be taken lightly. He says charges have been filed with the district attorney.

Peterson says the name of the owner is not yet being revealed but there will be an arrest made by his department very soon.

Officials say the dog is alive and seems to be doing alot better at this time. (KTEN)

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