pit-hero-ricoA Virginia Beach, VA resident, Christopher Selby, 31, had just adopted 10-month-old Rico a couple of weeks ago from an owner who could no longer care for him and it turned out to be a lifesaving move.  On Sunday evening Chuck Smellinger was dogsitting Rico at his screen printing shop, GFY Clothing, on South Birdneck Road when two men entered the shop, one armed with a gun.

Despite the gunman shooting Rico in the head, the dog clamped down on one of the men’s arms giving those in the shop enough time to escape without injury.

“I know for a fact he saved our lives,” said Smellinger, 34, . “It was amazing, because I’ve never seen him act out aggressively.”

Rico is recovering from the gunshot which entered above his eye and exited his chest. He may have permanent eye damage but home Wednesday, Selby says Rico is a little dopey from his meds but otherwise the happy puppy he was before the shooting.

“He’s still cool, he still wants to cuddle and play,” Selby said.

Right now the city is paying for Rico’s medical care but Selby is doing a fundraiser to raise the money in case he has to repay the city.

The robbers who made off with personal items stolen from employees who were working at the shop have not been caught but if they are part of the punishment will most likely be to repay the medical bills for Rico.

“Anyone who has a pit bull and doesn’t fight it will tell you they’re the smartest, coolest dogs,” Selby said. “It’s 100 percent the image and the owner and the socialization and how they’re raised.”

He also added the Rico will be treated like the hero he is for the rest of his life.

Well, we already know just how wonderful pitbulls, raised with the proper love, care and socialization, can be. It’s rewarding to see good stories like this that also show it!

You go Rico!!

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