Sioux City Councilman, Aaron Rochester, who pushed to ban pitbulls from the city is finding out what it feels like to be on the receiving end of having his dog labeled vicious, but in this case it may be warranted. Sadly, it looks like Rochester’s dog, a yellow lab, may be paying the price for his owner’s irresponsibility. Talk about irony!

On June 27th a neighbor was walking by Rochester’s house when the dog, Jake, who had been on the porch, ran out to the sidewalk and attacked him. The man suffered some scratches to his leg and chest and a bite to his thumb that required 5 stitches.

The dog was removed by animal control and after a hearing deemed vicious which could result in the dog having to be euthanized. Rochester, of course, is appealing the decision, saying the dog was only protecting his daughter from what it perceived as a threat.

Now this is a man who proposed and pushed through a ban on pitbulls in Sioux City because he believed they were dangerous, yet another who bought into the myth and hype that is so liberally tossed about. Think about all the dogs that have died because of this ban; dogs that couldn’t be offered for adoption at shelters any more, dogs that weren’t registered as “dangerous” that got loose, etc. Innocent, defenseless dogs… pitbulls that were killed just because of what they were, looked like or appeared to be, not because they actually did anything wrong.

And here’s Councilman Aaron Rochester’s dog, a yellow lab, that was not under anyone’s control, not contained in his yard, that bit a person who was just walking by because, Rochester claims, he was being protective. His own dog deemed “vicious” because he did actually do something wrong.

I don’t advocate the city kill the dog because Rochester was an irresponsible owner but I would like this to open his eyes and show him that any dog can bite. Oddly enough, if it weren’t for the irony of this whole situation, this would not have gotten any media attention. The headlines didn’t scream out “attack” or “mauling” or use any of those word you see associated when any of the breeds of dogs that so commonly fall under the label of “pitbull” bite.

So, gotta wonder how he feels now that the shoe is on the other foot and his own dog is facing death….

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