pitbull-breedingAn Overlook, PA man, David Nigro, 19, is under arrested and charged with 19 counts of animal cruelty as well as drug and weapon charges after authorities were called to a home in the 900 block of Wynnewood Road about a dead dog.

Police found 18 pitbulls including puppies, one dead pitbull that had apparently been killed by its cage mates as well as drugs and guns that included assault weapons and ammo.

“In these cages, there are just dirt floors literally covered in inches of feces and urine. Ans the dogs are covered in feces and urine. Covered in parasites, ticks, and fleas,” says George Bengal, director of investigations at the Pennsylvania SPCA.

Nigro has not yet been charged with dogfighting but an initial look at the seized dogs, which were taken to the Pennsylvania SPCA shelter shows they carry scars and wound consistent with dogfighting.

“However, we already know that many of the dogs were badly scarred and had wounds consistent with dog fighting, which indicates that they’d been used for fighting at some point,” PSPCA officials report and add that if it is determined that these dog were used for dogfighting, there may be additional charges.

As a back yard breeder of pitbulls and trainer of dogfighters, it is believed that Nigro could get $500-700 for each of the puppies.

Dog fighting a 3rd Degree Felony and those found guilty face a maximum of 7 years in jail and a maximum fine of $15,000.

This is more scum that needs to be taken off the streets and kept off them.  Just 19 years old, guns, drugs, dogfighting!  This is one piece of trash whose crimes will only escalate in the future.  We have no productive member of society here.  Sadly, you can almost bet that the majority of those dogs, probably all the adults, will be euthanized if it’s determined they were used for dogfighting.  Few agencies have the funds to rehabilitate so that will be more death and blood on Nigro’s hand and you can be sure he doesn’t give a damn.  It’s all money to him, that’s all he’ll care about.  Rot in hell you little bastard!

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