This horror story is taken directly from the petition, please help get justice for the poor dog, sign the petition. Help to get the word out!

Pitbull Burnt AliveThis insert was in the Daily Voice Newspaper telling of a Pit Bull named Tammy who was burnt to death by her owners!

The owners wanted to punish her for jumping over the wall into their neighbors garden, so they fetched her and put her in her kennel and doused it with petrol and set it alight!!

Tammy was only found a few days later by Animal Welfare workers who wept when they saw her. Tammy had sustained such severe burns to her legs, belly and face, she was also blinded by the fire. The SPCA had to euthanize Tammy because she was just in too much pain.

The heartless couple could face charges of jail up to a year and fines up to R 200 000. This is not enough for what they have done to this innocent victim! We plead for the maximum possible punishment!

For every 500 signatures I receive I can send it to the SPCA for use in the prosecution of these people.

Tammy’s death will not go unseen, she is an ambassador for all pets around the world! PLEASE help me give these owners a taste of their own medicine?

This petition is only asking for 1000 signatures and although it has almost met that goal already, the more signatures, the more impact. Show that you care, that no living creature should ever had to endure this incredible and heartless cruelty!


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