lefferreio-suddsLast month I told you the horrific story of two pitbulls that were doused with accelerant, set on fire and seen running down a street in the Dallas, TX neighborhood of Pleasant Grove. Witnesses reported two teens running from the scene. The two dogs, a male and female pitbull, were so severely injured and in such pain that they were euthanized.

Now the teens, 17-year-old Lefferreio Sudds and 17-year-old Jucorey Davis, who allegedly set the dogs on fire have finally been arrested and are facing animal cruelty charges.

jucorey-davis“One of these dogs, her face – it was practically burned off. It was just horrific, as bad as it gets,” said Jonnie England, Metroplex Animal Coalition. “They were in indescribable pain.”

“We’re very pleased and relieved that these arrests have been made,” said England. “This is a vicious, violent crime, and those responsible need to be punished for their actions.”

Sudds and Davis have been charged with a State Jail felony, which carries a maximum punishment of two years in prison. The will be tried as adults. Both are being held on $5,000 bond in Dallas’ Lew Sterrett Justice Center.

Seven other pitbulls also at the suspects’ address were removed, some showing signs and injuries consistent with dogfighting, all were euthanized. The dogs, including one 4-month-old puppy, had major health problems and serious wounds. On April 15, Dallas Municipal Judge Michael Acuna ordered the dogs’ ownership be removed from Michael Wilbert, Sudds’ stepfather and that he be responsible for all costs associated. This winner was also arrested arrested on parole violations and other outstanding warrants. Guess we can see where step-son got his lessons?

Can you believe the picture of Lefferreio Sudds above? He’s grinning like he’s proud of himself, of causing such suffering and pain. What the hell is wrong with this kid?! What Kind of a sick thrill must he have gotten out of setting those poor dogs on fire and terrorizing his neighborhood and neighbors? I would so like to wipe that grin off that boy’s face!

Look at the pictures of those poor dogs! Can you even imagine the pain they must have been in?  How they must have suffered?

You have to wonder what else this miscreants have done and even scarier, what else are they capable of doing?

Although we know they will most likely wound up with only the usual “slap on the wrist” punishment, these scum seriously need to be locked, away from society.  They are a danger now and they will continue to be a danger!

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