Tyrell Newmons After Absecon, NJ, police found a frozen, dead pitbull in a plastic trash bag dumped in the bay, they tracked the car they saw leaving the scene just off the White Horse Pike in Atlantic City.

Police tracked the car to the 400 block of N. Maryland Ave in Atlantic City and there they arrested 25-year-old Tyrell Newmons.

They also removed four more pitbulls from the home, three puppies and one adult.

Newmons’ fiancee, Shauna Henry, sobbed as they removed the other dogs from the home but admitted that the dead dog the police found had been left outside the home.

“He must have died [Sunday] night because he bit my daughter and I put him outside three days ago,” she said.

Investigators doubt Henry’s claim that the dog bit anyone.

“Police, health department, no one was ever called on that. I [find that] very hard to believe,” Atlantic City Police Officer Cindy Rongione said.

“It’s just getting crazy. Every day now you’re finding dogs in bags — mostly the pit bulls,” Rongione said. “They’re abused the most. They’re misunderstood dogs.”

The dogs that were removed from the home were taken to Atlantic County Animal Shelter in Pleasantville, N.J. and due to their aggressiveness will most likely have to be euthanized.

Yet another sad story of pitbulls being owned by people who have no business having them, being abused and neglect and ending up dead. And people wonder why pits get such a bad rep. It’s people like this, who don’t know who to care for them, who are irresponsible and heartless.

I’m sick of seeing BSL popping up everywhere but unless something is done about the kinds of people having pitbulls who have no business having them, it is going to continue.  This goes for any large, strong breed of dog that needs an especially responsible owner.  People who own pits and rotties and any other breed that comes under attack need to make these dogs ambassadors of their breed to show people just how wonderful they can be.

Certain people just plain should not have dogs or any pets, not big or small.  Pets deserve our love and consideration and respect.  They deserve to be treated kindly and humanely.  I am not saying pets need to be pampered and spoiled but they don’t deserve neglect and abuse.  It’s time not to just removed pets from these people, it’s time to ban them from ever having pets at all.

And maybe we should look at banning certain people from having children too, I mean, if they can’t care for an animal, how well are they going to care for a child??

Dead, Frozen Pitbull Dumped in Bay

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