lilyWhen a man accused of armed robbery and carjacking who was on the run from police tried to hide in a garage, he came face to face with an unexpected sight; a 100-lb plus, 2-year-old pitbull named Lily.  Lily didn’t particularly appreciate this guy showing up at her home and let him know.  Not normally a barker, she barked her head off and when that escalated the man into action, Lily took off after him.

“I saw her running out my driveway,” she said. “I immediately took off out the front door, and she’s following a man, running after a man, about a foot away from his leg and running him down.”

That was when Kierston Willoby, Lily’s owner, saw the police were also chasing the man.

It didn’t take too long between Lily and the police to get Andre Williams into custody then into jail.

Kierston is especially happy and proud because she has worked hard to improve the image of pitbulls since she got Lily, who is a survivor that was once used as a bait dog in a dog fighting ring.

“I was ecstatic,” Willoby said. “Since I’ve had Lily, I’ve been active in letting people know that pit bulls aren’t bad. It’s how they are raised. If you nurture them, they can be OK.”

Way to go Lily!!

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