Sad eyes of a pitbull Pitbulls are taking the bite again just for the crime of being pitbulls, this time in Newport, KY.

Newport City Solicitor, Mike Schulkens says, “It’s not a breed issue, and it’s not the type of dog that it is at all. It’s just that, it’s vicious animals. And I say somewhat facetiously in city meetings, if you’ve got the meanest beagle in town, this ordinance applies.”

But the ordinance does specifically single out pitbulls;

A new ordinance says that pit bull owners, or any other dog deemed “vicious” by the ordinance, must get that dog micro-chipped.

The ordinance will require that owners get a $100,000 insurance policy on that dog as a part of their renter’s or homeowners insurance. The insurance would pay for part or all of any damages caused by an attack.

Along with pit bulls, any dog with a record of attacking a person or animal must be chipped and insured. (KYPost)

They say the new ordinance is to make pet owners more responsible but in singling out any breed, it almost sounds like owners of that breed are irresponsible just by owning that breed.

Just another case of the ill-informed making the laws based on hype rather than fact. But then again, when it comes to far too many politicians, fiction rules anyway.

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And if you to find out more, just click on the category – BSL – Breed Specific Legislation. You’ll find a lot of facts and information as well as enlightening videos, writings and tributes.

New Pitbull Law in Newport, KY

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