paula-timmonsA 37-year-old Yorktown, IN woman, Paula Timmons was charged with 9 counts of animal cruelty, a Class B misdemeanor after officials found a female pitbull and 10 puppies left in a home Timmons had occupied.  The female dog and 8 puppies were emaciated and there was two dead puppies.  One of the dead puppies had been wrapped in a towel and left laying in a bathtub for at least a month.

Paula Timmons maintains that after she moved out of the West Ninth street house she went to the house twice a day to feed and water the dog and puppies.

pitbull-puppiesOfficials, police, animal control and Delaware County Health Department officials were on the scene after a report that the a door to the house had been left standing open. On of the first officers on the scene reported finding piles of feces and urine all over the house, the dog and puppies having no access to food or water.

Due to the conditions of the house, which belonged to a friend of Timmons, the health department condemned it.

The female pitbull, Vengeance, and her two litters of surviving puppies, 5 from each littler which had been born about 6 months apart, had been removed from the house and taken to the Muncie Animal Shelter. There are reported to be doing well now and if awarded custody they will go to a pitbull rescue so that they can find good homes.

Timmons says she doesn’t understand why anyone would removed the dong and puppies because she was caring for them. She says they can have the puppies but she wants the female pitbull, Vengeance, back as soon as possible because the dog saved her life.

Wow, that’s a helluva way to treat a dog that saved her life, breed it and breed it then leave it to almost starve to death. There is no way she was caring for those poor dogs! Maybe she was taking food but ate it herself, doesn’t look like she missed too many meals. This is obviously not someone who deserves to have any pets at all and I hope the judge quickly orders custody to the animal shelter so these dogs have a chance.

And one of the saddest things is that the charges are only Class B misdemeanors which carry a 180-day max sentence.  Here were two dead puppies, animals that were completely innocent and totally defenseless that died at the uncaring hand of this hearltess bitch!  She will most likely plea down to even lesser charges, have some of the charges dismissed and be lucky to serve much, if any jail time at all!

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