Abandoned house where dog's mutilated remains were found

See Update – 10/22/08 – Man arrested and Charged

Neighbors on Prospect Street in Amsterdam, NY, are shocked and devastated over a discovery they made behind and abandoned house at number 82. Lyman Bartlett lifted a wooden slab and saw what looked like a pile of old blankets or something stuffed in a bag. Upon a closer inspection, what Bartlett actually found was a pitbull that had been mutilated and wrapped in sweaters then stuffed in a plastic plastic bag.

“We found that it had some paws severed. The tail had been severed. And there were several parts of its torso that appeared to have been burned with something like a blow torch,” said Sergeant Patrick Miller of the Amsterdam Police Department.

One neighbor, Chris Turnbull, is still shaken from the horror. “I never thought this would happen on our street. This neighborhood since we lived here is a great neighborhood. But then to come across the mutilated dog it, like, devastated us all on the street, that someone would do something like that to an animal,” she said.

This gruesome find has even affected seasoned police officers, “To me it seems that this individual certainly has issues. Whoever did it has to have issues that need to be addressed. The fact of the matter is, I’ve been doing this for some 27 years and haven’t seen abuse of this type,” said Sergeant Miller.

Police do have a ‘person of interest’ that they want to speak with but but so far have not been able to locate them. A necropsy will be done of the dog to find out if the mutilation was done before or after the dog was dead.

As so many of us so well know, there are some seriously sick and warped people out there. Horrific as it is that this was even done, I hope that this cruelty was at least done after the dog was dead. Just the thought of someone doing this to an animal while it is still alive… What the hell kind of sick people are out there? There are some things that I can’t even wrap my mind around, some things that people can do….

Mutilated Dog Found in Amsterdam

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