Dogs are trained and bred for many things, working dogs, service dogs, herding dogs as well as many dogs being trained for show and sport. You see fly dog contests and field dog contests but what is coming under the gun here is pulling contents, strength contests.

One Albuquerque woman is facing a lot of controversy for her training her pitbull for strength training for pulling contests. Now this is a legitimate sport entered into by many dogs’ owners and is recognized by organizations, even animal welfare organizations although they do not necessarily care for it.

It’s well known that dogs that are well exercised and trained are actually happier dogs. Dogs like to have ‘jobs’ to do, it give them a place and something to fulfill. Some of the happiest, most well adjusted dogs I have ever seen are dogs that are involved in “jobs” whether they are service dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs or just dogs that are involved in different sports.

This woman obviously cares about her dog, she took the time to make her she was medically sound and healthy. The dog is beautiful and certainly seems content when you see then just walking. As long as something like this is not taken to the extreme, I don’t have a problem with it. I think it can be good for the dog as well and the owner, exercise and bonding.  I saw love and encouragement in the training, not a dog that was worn out and overburdened.

Now I’d like to know what do you think?

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