pitbull_puppy_maimedWhat is wrong with someone that they would take a little 8-10 week old pitbull puppy and cruelly cut off its ears and tail, leaving it suffering in pain? This little guy was found last week in the area of Whipple Road and Pond Street in Tewkesbuury, MA, his ears chopped off, leaving behind shredded edges and oozing blood, his tail improperly shortened. When Animal Control Officer Brian Fernald saw him, his heart just sank.

“He was shaking his head every five seconds, he was so uncomfortable,” Fernald recalled. “It was not done right, that’s for sure.”

Docking ears and tails is legal but must be done but a licensed vet. When it’s done under circumstances like this, it’s usually for the wrong reasons.

“There are people who use it for the wrong reasons, whether it’s for dog fighting — so that the ears and tail can not be pulled on — or to make the dog look tougher,” said Kara Holmquist, director of advocacy at the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. “People have been known to use scissors and knives when they do it themselves. It’s just really barbaric. It causes the dog a lot of pain for no reason.”

An investigation in underway to try to find the owner of the puppy but is hampered by the fact that although the puppy was wearing a collar, there were no tags and no one has come forward to claim the puppy.

The puppy has also, at this young age, been neutered.

In a small community, someone must know someone, have seen this puppy, know who it belongs to. Someone needs to step so that this cruelty doesn’t happen again to another puppy by the person who did this. Help get the word, help find out who maimed this sweet baby!

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