southside-bulldogginI caught this a few days ago and it has really been bothering me.  I have such a great respect for those who rescue and save and rehome dogs that would otherwise be facing a death sentence. Most rescues are reputable and upstanding, the people who run them putting their lives, hearts and passions into them but not all rescues have that same dedication.  Take Southside Bulldoggin, for example.

Casey Phelps says that in three years her Nashville, TN rescue, which specializes in pitbulls,  has given new homes to thousands of dogs but a little digging at Metro Animal Control shows that at least 261 were turned over there and killed.  MCA doesn’t adopt pitbulls out.

Phelps advertises that she will take unwanted dogs for a $50 donation and promises to rehome them.”She rescues them, finds them a home, adopts them out,” said Casey’s brother Curly Phelps. “She’ll put an ad in – people will come by to view the dogs, bring their children.”

But for that $50 donation, it bought death for at least 261 dog that were turned over to her to find loving new homes.

“The bad thing about a pit bull is once you release them to us it’s a death penalty it’s our policy not to adopt pit bulls,” said Billy Biggs with Metro Animal Control.

Of course Phelps counters that she only takes the aggressive ones to MCA. But 261 aggressive dogs in 3 years at one little rescue?? One animal love that was initially going to turn over a stray pitbull she rescued isn’t buying it.

“They’re going to realize the dog they took to her and gave her $50 for was killed in a shelter,” said Candi. “Deceived, tricked, cheated – sad.”

In 2006 Phelps was charged with animal cruelty for the poor conditions at her rescue but police say that there is nothing they can do if Phelps is misleading people because fraud is very hard to prove in a case like this.

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If you go the Soutside Bulldoggin website you will find their response to the accusations. I’ve printed some of it below, including the grammatical errors. By the way, not only do they claim to be a rescue, but also breeders, which to me is extremely counterproductive!

If you bring us a dog and it shows any type of human aggression and or Kid aggression,we do not adopt them out to familys,if you are unable to take the dog back we will take the dog to Metro Animal Control where it will be put down. Also for those of you who continue to throw dogs in my yard at night,please no that if I dont have anywhere to house the dog it must also go to Animal Control.

Im posting this because of News 5 twisted report! Those of you who know me know that the dogs I take in to Metro AC are the dogs that are people aggressive and unadoptable. We would never put a dog down that is sweet and can get a home! If we kept every people and kid aggressive dog then we would not be able to help the sweet ones that can get a home and deserve a home.

As long as the dog is good with people and kids then we will find it a home.

Perhaps you can see why this has disturbed me so much!

One of my dearest friends runs a rescue and she certainly doesn’t charge people who leave their dogs and rather than dump dogs at a shelter, she does to the local shelters and pulls dogs on death row.  She has turned part of her rescue into a sanctuary for dogs that cannot be adopted out so that rahter than face death, they can at least live of the rest of their lives happily, peacefully and with companionship of other dogs that she takes the time to match them with.

I am not going to go into all my thoughts and feeling on this one other than this place should be shut down.  She claims she has rehomes thousands  I’d love to see some proof of that.  I just don’t trust her or believe her, 261 dogs over three years dead….

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