d-boy_wins_awardIn December when I told you about D-Boy, he was recovering from three gunshot wounds that he took protecting his family.  To them, his status as a hero is a given but it’s awfully sweet to get the recognition that the HSUS’ “Dog of Valor” award gives him.

“If he wouldn’t have distracted the guy, the guy probably would’ve shot me,” said Roberta Shoemaker. “I didn’t know what to do he told me to get down on the ground, and I was so scared, I couldn’t move.”

“If he wasn’t there and wouldn’t have done what he did, I could’ve came home to no family,” Angelic Shoemaker said.

After 600 votes between 15 canine hero finalists, D-Boy came out on top.

“D-boy’s story really touched the heart of the majority of the voters and he won the dog version of the People’s Choice Award,” said Cynthia Armstrong, director of the Oklahoma Humane Society of the U.S.

D-Boy’s family really hopes that this will help to change the undeserved reputation of pitbulls as dangerous, vicious dogs. “All pits are not bad,” Roberta Shoemaker said. “I mean, just because of the breed of the dog, doesn’t mean they’re bad.”

D-Boy, fully recovered, is back to being the happy, friendly and playful dog he always was and many thanks from the Shoemaker family go out to the Oklahoma City community who rallied and helped to pay D-Boy’s medical expenses.

Way to go D-Boy! It’s wonderful to see a dog recognized for its valor but the fact that the dog is a pitbull makes it even more outstanding!

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