Ok, I know any guys reading the title of this story are already cringing and hoping I’m not going to say what it sounds like I’m saying.

This happened during a street fair when one of a group of drunken revelers decided he needed to relieve himself. Excusing himself from his friends, he decided to take advantage of the outdoors upon spying a fence with a hole in it in a nearby lot.

So, as the story goes, he proceeds to relieve himself thru said hole in the fence not realizing that in the yard beyond the fence was a very playful puppy. Now this playful puppy saw this protrusion through the hole in his fence and probably thought it was some kind of a toy or game and grabbed it with his sharp little teeth.

The mauled reveler, who probably sobered quite quickly after the assault, was forced to admit his painful secret when admitted to the emergency room for treatment for severe lacerations.

“It’s undoubtedly sore now, but luckily it should still be useful to him in the future,” a doctor is quoted as saying.

I know this was not a high point in this guy’s day but I would have to say he probably learned a lesson he will never forget!!! 😀

Source – Sidney Morning Herald

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