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Plea for Justice for Smokey and Charlie, Two Pitbull Puppies Doused with Acid and Left to Die, $5K Reward! – VIDEO – PETITION

There is a heartbreaking story out of Kern County, CA; two pitbull puppies were found within two months of each other, doused with acid or some acid-like chemical, abandoned and left to die suffering and in pain.  Found as strays, taken to the Kern County Shelter, their next stop was the end of the line.  It was through luck, chance and love that these babies were rescued from their fate, not just once but twice; first from cruel death on the streets then again from death row at the shelter.



Smokey – Look at this sweet face!

Smokey, a sweet, beautiful gray pittie puppy who is now just five months old, was found on July 31 in east Bakersfield.  His backwas burned down to the muscle, injuries so severe that he could not even have the surgeries he desperately needs until some healing takes place. The rescuer received an urgent plea from Kern County Shelter they had this puppy that needed urgent medical attention. Smokey did not arrive to his rescue until August 5th due to the severity of his burns and wanting to make sure he was stable enough for the trip down to San Diego. He initially received vet care in Bakersfield, bandage changes, pain medications and antibiotics.

Smokey 8-5-09

Smokey days after he was found

The rescuer immediately took him to the hospital; Animal Medical Center in El Cajon, CA. Smokey was hospitalized for close to three weeks receiving treatments for his burns.

As of now Smokey is still receiving bandage treatments, remains on antibiotics to prevent infections and is scheduled for surgery on the 29th of October to repair the damage to the back of his neck. Smokey will probably have nerve damage the remainder of his life.

Smokey is now 5 months old and although he endured such torture remains to be very sweet, great temperament & very loving. He absolutely loves people and loves other animals. Smokey is a true testament of forgiveness, with such a wonderfully, gentle spirit. Here is some background on this sweet boy from his rescuer;

I had SMOKEY pulled on 7/31/09 just hours before he was set to die on death row on August 1st. He stayed in Bakersfield until 8/5 and was seen by a vet a couple of times during that time for bandage changes and medications, ointments & I wanted to be sure he was stable enough to travel to San Diego…When SMOKEY got to me on 8/5, I immediately took him into the hospital, he was in medical boarding until August 22nd 2009 and is now staying with me and my crew here in San Diego.

Smokey 2 months later

Smokey 2 months later

The vet has said it was deliberate because of the pattern and definitely chemical/acid–you judge for yourself by the photos. He was abused and then dumped, left alone in this pain & agony for at least a few days before Animal Control found him as a “stray”. The burn was 4-5″ in width from his neck all the way down his back, some splashes but not as deep on the top of his head, hind end and some splashed on his back legs–mildly treated & have healed nicely. The other on the back of his head/neck area that was one of the deepest is healing although the recovery time will be long..This little pup was only 3 mos old & even though he was cruelly abused he wags his tail a lot when people talk to him and is a true sweetheart that strives for human touch & love. He loves to go up to everyone he meets and will lean into them and immediately roll over onto his back for a belly rub. His doctor absolutely LOVES him and describes him as: sweet, wonderful temperament, playful and an “old soul”.

Smokey is still under vet care and will be for quite some time due to his burns. It is estimated that could be another 2 months if not longer–3 to 4 times a week for bandage changes, rechecks, medication evaluation etc.

I met with his regular vet it became a concern to his reaction to slight touch around his burns, indicating nerve damage.. It is hard to tell right now for sure but the chances are high he may have permanent nerve damage or if it is still sensitive all over his back. After more healing it will be easier to tell and he will be on more medications, long term for management.

This is a video of Smokey at the vet on 8/28/09

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Charlie – Only a baby and he;s gone through so much already!

Charlie, another little pitbull puppy was found on October 15 and Kern County again contacted the rescuer who took in Smokey because Charlie had the same heinous injuries, acid burns to his back and legs.

On Monday October 19th, Charlie underwent two intense surgeries to remove infected skin in hopes that his wounds can be healed & sewed together & pieced back together the remaining healthy skin. Charlie also has 4 drains in him to help reduce any infection. Charlie is believed to have been caged for an undetermined amount of time. His back legs are weak, no muscle tone & he is severely malnourished with protruding hip bones and all of his ribs show. He also has problems with his front paws. When standing or walking all pads are on the floor rather than just his front toes. Similar to being flat footed. The doctors believe this will be able to be corrected with proper nutrition and exercise.


Charlie Before Surgey

Charlie after surgey

Charlie After Surgery – You can see how emaciated he is

Here’s a vid of an interview of the vet regarding Charlie

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And here’s some media coverage… finally!

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Smokey and Charlie’s rescuer and supporters aren’t sitting back and just taking this horrendous abuse of these poor babies either. They believe the same person or people are responsible for both attacks on these puppies and have raised $5000 for a reward to try to find out who did this.

Rescue supporters will be in Bakersfield Monday to distribute fliers and ask for the public’s help.


If you would like to help by distributing the flier either by email or in person if you are in the Bakersfield, CA area, you can download full size copies of the flier in either .jpg or PDF – JPG or PDF (just right click on the link and save)

There is also a petition asking Kern County officials to open an investigation into these horrific crimes, get the word out to the public and broadcast the offer for a $5000 reward.  Please take a moment to sign it and share it with everyone you know.


This kind of horrific cruelty cannot go unpunished!  These sweet innocent babies have suffered and suffered horribly at the hands of some vicious monster for their thrills and pleasure.  What are they going to do when they get tired of torturing innocent little puppies?  I don’t even need to answer that question, you know!

Please, help!  Get the word out! Sign the petition!

Below I will post links to the reward fund and vets if you’re so inclined.  These babies are going to need months and months of care and more surgeries yet.

Animal Medical Center of El Cajon
600 Broadway Ave
El Cajon, CA 92021

CHIP In for Reward Fund:

CHIPIN for Vet Care:

I can tell you, I have watched the progress with Smokey for weeks on end now and was heartbroken when Charlie showed up with the same injuries.  The rescuer, who prefers to remain nameless because he wants the spotlight on the crimes, on the puppies, has done an incredible job with Smokey and is doing the same with Charlie.  The time, effort and devotion have been nothing short of amazing and these sweet babies are getting the best care they possibly can.  These puppies need all the help they can get and so deserve justice, won’t you please help by getting the word out and sharing this.

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